Chapman Physician Assistant Simon Scholarship Opportunity

Simon Scholars Physician Assistant Program at Chapman University

This year we announced an exciting new scholarship opportunity for graduate students, the Simon Scholars Physician Assistant Program at Chapman University. This program provides 10 full-tuition scholarships a year and is designed to help fill a critical need in the healthcare field for more Physician Assistants (PAs). Like the Simon Scholars Program, it provides opportunities for underserved students to move from “adversity to accomplishment” and, in this case, to earn a master’s degree debt-free.

As healthcare advances and evolves, the demand for PAs increases. Mr. Ronald Simon, our founder, recognized this need during an emergency visit to an urgent care clinic. Mr. Simon observed that the practitioners in closest contact with patients are PAs.

PAs earn a Master’s in Medical Science (M.M.S.) Degree over the course of two years as opposed to the four years of medical school. The knowledge and skill set of PAs are highly in demand and starting annual salaries are often well in excess of $100,000.

Chapman University, one of our partner institutions, is home to a highly competitive PA Program that is known to be one of the most selective and sought-after in California. Housed at Chapman’s Rinker Health Sciences Campus in Irvine, with state-of-the-art labs and facilities, Chapman’s PA Program is an ideal fit for this opportunity.

For more information on Chapmans Simon ScholarsPA program, please click on here.


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