Ongoing financial support and personalized guidance, designed to support first-generation college students, from college admission through the completion of their collegiate studies.

First-generation low income students face many barriers in attaining their dream of being the first in their family to graduate from college. The Simon Scholars Program provides individualized college access guidance to prepare students to apply to college. As students are applying to college, the Simon Scholars Program advocates for each of our Scholars at the colleges where they apply.

Simon Scholars attend nearly 200 colleges and universities nationwide. College representatives from around the country participate in our annual 3-day Leadership Symposium where they actively engage with our Scholars. The goal is to create opportunities for Scholars to receive tuition-free education through our collegiate partner network.

Upon completion of our two-year high school program, Simon Scholars are awarded a $16,000 scholarship to use at any accredited 4-year college or university in the USA. The aggregate value of our 6-year program is over $35,000 per student.

The Role Of Our College Partners

  • Priority access to college campuses during our tour season
  • Facilitation of workshops during our Leadership Symposium
  • Special consideration during the college admissions process
  • Priority access to college success programs on campus


First-Generation Low Income Students


Attend a 4-year university or college

Pell Grant Institute Study


Six Year Graduation Rate

Pell Grant Institute Study

Simon Scholars


Attend a 4-year university or college

Class of 2019


Six Year Graduation Rate

Class of 2014

Compared to national statistics regarding low-income first-generation college students, Simon Scholars are setting a new standard for admission and graduation rates at highly selective colleges and universities.

*Pell Grant Institute study of students who first enrolled fall 2003

**Mobility Report Cards, The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility 2017

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