Our Team

What separates our organization from other youth development programs is that we are truly a Family. The dedication and investment of our staff is a direct correlation to Scholar success. Our desire to participate in ongoing training and development ensures we are equipped with the tools to help foster the success of our Scholars. Our team devotes countless hours to reading applications, interviewing candidates, engaging with emerging communities, and traveling across the country. At the end of the day, we are one big  family that is privileged to be able to help pave the paths of others through education.

Meet Our Team

Kathy Abels



Ben Drutman

Executive Director

Martha Rivera

Director  of Programs

Molly Morin


Associate Director, Collegiate Programs

Erika Enz

Director of College Access

Amber Brown

Program Manager

Emily Johnson

Manager of Experience and Events

Jordan Tao

Project Manager

Cassandra Gonzalez

College Access Manager

Frances Cruz

College Success Coordinator

Jessenia Sanchez

Senior Program Coordinator

Michelle Montes

Senior Program Coordinator

Martha Rangel

Program Coordinator

Ann Sheehy

Program Coordinator

Fayelah Johnson

Program Coordinator

Zuzanna Lever

Program Coordinator

Jennie Godoy-Lee

Program Coordinator

Alondra Garcia

Program Coordinator

Lisa Lee

Administrative Assistant

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