August 25, 2020

Simon Scholars Physician Assistant Program at Chapman University
College Scholars Tomorrow

Chapman Physician Assistant Simon Scholarship Opportunity

This year we announced an exciting new scholarship opportunity for graduate students, the Simon Scholars Physician Assistant Program at Chapman University. This program provides 10 full-tuition scholarships a year and is designed to help fill a critical need in the healthcare field for more Physician Assistants (PAs). Like the Simon Scholars Program, it provides opportunities for underserved students to move from “adversity to accomplishment” and, in this case, to earn

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Parent Engagement Meeting
Meaningful Events

Bi-Annual Parent Engagement Meeting

Earlier this year, we had our most successful bi-annual parent engagement meetings hosted at two partner high schools in our respected Orange County and San Diego County regions. Over 200 parents attended the meeting(s) where presentations were customized by our Program Coordinators to fit our junior and senior scholars needs. The junior presentation featured topics like the importance of fly-in programs, college tours, and summer productive programs. They also had an opportunity to review

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