A prestigious group of distinguished community leaders whose passion for the principles of integrity, hard work, perseverance, and serving others will effectively inspire Simon Scholars and facilitate their transformation into future leaders.


As the Simon Scholars Program continues into its nearly third decade, the Simon Foundation announces the Simon Scholars Leadership Association (SSLA), a cross-section of influential leaders who will help guide students into future leaders.

To become effective leaders, Simon Scholars benefit from learning principles associated with discipline, decision-making, and character building.

SSLA members will be selected based on their life achievements and recognition from the community, and will focus on the academic and future career needs of “their” students.

Simon Scholars Program



Unlike other scholarships, the Simon Scholars Program begins in high school and prepares the student for college.

In 2021, 220 students will be awarded scholarships valued at $35,000
*130 students are in Orange County attending 16 High Schools

Each student becomes part of a cohort of 16 -20 in each high school
*Providing a sense of pride, support and belonging that most of them have lived without

Each student is personally interviewed before receiving the scholarship
*The program begins in the junior year of high school and continues through college and the Alumni Association

More than 1,400 underserved students supported.
Over 95% of Simon Scholars will attend a four year university.
Over 90% of our students from the program will graduate.
Over $60 million in scholarships awarded since 2003.
“It has been deeply gratifying to see firsthand the life-altering power of engaging, supporting, and nurturing underserved students who have overcome adversities and seek better lives for themselves and their families through determination and self-reliance. The investment in these students, our future leaders, is the greatest investment I have ever made. Through the establishment of the Simon Scholars Leadership Program, I hope to extend this fulfilling experience to other leaders.”


-Ronald M. Simon, Founder
Simon Scholars Program

Simon Scholars Leadership Association (SSLA)

Answering The




We are recruiting prominent professionals in Orange County to lead the founding chapter of SSLA. These professionals come from various sectors and include business and community leaders, educators, legal and medical specialists, and others united by their passion for supporting the education and development of
underserved youth.
Distinguished leaders will share experience and life lessons with students to guide and inspire them. Members will commit to less than 10 hours annually and do not need to make a financial contribution.

Members Annual Commitment

Two Roundtable Luncheons

SSLA members will host small group engagement with students, lead breakout sessions, share personal stories of achievement and overcoming adversity, offer career and life advice, and participate in the scholar-driven Q&A. Students will receive the personal biography of each SSLA member prepared by the Simon Foundation to stimulate conversation and help students to identify those members they wish to associate with based on career interest.


This event further allows SSLA members to familiarize themselves with the Program and engage with Simon Scholars, college representatives, and the Simon Foundation.


In appreciation for their participation with SSLA, an exclusive dinner party will be hosted for members and their spouses to mix and mingle with the group (no scholars will be in attendance).

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