There are many ways to support Simon Scholars on their path to becoming leaders who impact the world in positive ways. Listed below are the key foundations/partners that make our program possible.

Simon Foundation for Education & Housing

The vision of the Simon Foundation for Education and Housing is to enable deserving individuals to achieve two of the most cherished American dreams: To secure a college degree and to attain home ownership. The educational mission of the Simon Foundation for Education and Housing will be achieved through the Simon Scholars Program.

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Simon Family Foundation

Based in Southern California

The mission of the Simon Family Foundation (SFF) is to create pathways for students facing adversity by offering support and opportunities for life-changing personal growth, with the ultimate goal of developing college-educated leaders who impact the world in positive ways. SFF serves as daily operators of the Simon Scholars Program in Orange County and San Diego, CA serving 14 high schools respectively. They previously held chapters in Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

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Simon Charitable Foundation

Based in New Mexico

The mission of The Simon Charitable Foundation (SCF) is to improve the quality of life for all members of our community and to provide both hope and opportunity on behalf of its youth.

The Foundation seeks to accomplish these goals through the establishment of programs that work towards these ends and by supporting existing organizations and programs with similar core values of both excellence and integrity and that operate with sound business practices. As such, the Foundation emphasizes programmatic and financial commitments in education, economic development, health, and cultural enrichment. SCF is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Sun Family Foundation

The mission of the Sun Family Foundation (SFF) is to advance educational opportunities and the well-being of the underserved. SFF is committed to helping underserved students attain higher education. Through its partners, SFF provides scholarships to students in both Orange County and Taiwan.

Beginning in 2020, the Sun Family Foundation has committed to providing a $1.75 million annual contribution to expand the reach of the Simon Scholars Program to eight new public high schools and 65 additional students per year in Orange County.

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