Simon Scholars Announces Partnership with Breakthrough SJC

Partnership with Breakthrough SJC

For over two decades, the Simon Scholars program has offered exceptional support to students in high school through college and beyond. The program’s services are tailored to support individuals navigating the challenges of pursuing a four-year college degree and a fulfilling career.

Simon Scholars has now partnered with Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano in an effort to broaden its reach throughout the South Orange County region. Breakthrough SJC is a community-based program that supports students from middle school to college graduation through free college access programming.

Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano

“I met Executive Director Elizabeth Eusebio about a year ago and immediately saw an opportunity that would benefit both our organizations,” noted Andy Robles, Simon Scholars Executive Director. “By combining our efforts, Breakthrough SJC and Simon Scholars students will have a transformative support system before and throughout college.”

The goal of the partnership is to provide an extended and robust support system to students as they prepare for their college journey. Partnering with a program like Breakthrough SJC at the middle school level complements Simon Scholars in accomplishing early outreach to students. Collaborations of this kind are an important element in building additional capabilities and impact for engaging, supporting and nurturing students in achieving their dreams.

“I am so excited that Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano is partnering with Simon Scholars to continue empowering the next generation of leaders in overcoming barriers as underrepresented students in higher education,” said Eusebio. “Through this partnership, we will continue making an impact in bridging educational equity and giving these highly motivated students an opportunity to be the first in their family to go to college and change the trajectory of their lives and of their families for generations to come.”

Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano is a 10-year program that supports nearly 300 students from low-income, underrepresented backgrounds in higher education from 7 th grade through college graduation. The organization focuses on academic readiness, college support, parent engagement, and community enrichment opportunities to empower first-generation college-bound students to be the first in their family to graduate college and break the cycle of poverty through education.


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