The Simon Scholars Program is a competitive college access and scholarship program supporting first generation students aspiring to complete a 4-year college degree. Simon Scholars receive individualized college application support, a laptop computer, college tours, tutoring & SAT prep courses, leadership events and experiential opportunities. Upon successful completion of the high school program, Simon Scholars will receive a $16,000 last-dollar college scholarship to attend the college or university of their choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Application Questions

1. What email address should I use to complete the application?

It is best to use your personal email address. School email addresses can mark our emails as spam.

2. What are application support sessions?

Application support sessions are a time for interested students to ask questions about their application and get help with uploading tax documents.

3. When will the support sessions be held and what do they address?

Support sessions will allow students to receive guidance on technical aspects of the application process.  Tentative dates for these events are listed below and Zoom links will be sent prior to the session. In order to receive session links please complete our interest form:

    • 1/19/2022 – Application Support Zoom Session
    • 1/26/2022 – Application Support Zoom Session
    • 2/2/2022 – Application Support Zoom Session
4. Who is the site contact at my school?

You can find this information towards the bottom of this page on the High School Partners table.

5. What GPA is required to apply to the Simon Scholars Program?

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 to apply for our Program.

6. What GPA is required to have throughout the Program?

GPA requirements during the program are as follows:

1st Semester Junior Year = 3.25

2nd Semester Junior Year = 3.5+

1st Semester Senior Year = 3.5+

2nd Semester Senior Year = 3.5+

7. If I receive a scholarship from another organization, can I still apply to the Simon Scholars Program?

Yes. Your participation in other scholarship programs will not impact your ability to apply to the Simon Scholars Program. However, the highly participatory nature of our program is demanding and we want students to make informed decisions to ensure they can meet all of their commitments.

Finance & Tax Documents

1. What tax documents should I include on my application? 

Include the previous year’s federal tax return and any applicable schedules (Schedule 1, Schedule 2, etc.).

2. Can I apply for the program if my family does not file taxes?

No. To qualify for the Simon Scholars program, applicants MUST provide prior year or prior, prior year tax documents for parents/guardians.

3. I am claimed as a dependent on my sibling’s tax documents. Do I include my sibling’s tax documents on the application?

Yes, please upload the tax documents of whoever claims you as a dependent on their taxes.

4. What format should I use to upload my tax documents?

PDF or JPEG are preferred.

5. My parents/guardians don’t feel safe uploading documents including social security numbers or other sensitive information. Can I still apply?

Yes. Feel free to cover sensitive information with a piece of paper or sticky note.

6. How can I scan my tax documents?

You can download a free scanner app on your smartphone. If you do not have access to a smartphone, please contact the Simon Scholar site contact at your school for potential help with scanning at your school site.

7. I have a part-time job. Do I include my income from the previous year with my parent’s income?

No, you do not need to include your income.

Residency & First Generation Status

1. Am I considered first generation if my parent(s) went to college outside of the country?

The Simon Scholars Program definition of first generation is:

    • If your parent(s) did not complete a four year degree, you ARE considered a first generation student.

    • If your parent(s) completed a degree in a different country, you ARE considered a first generation student.

    • If your parent(s) attended college and did not complete a degree, you ARE considered a first generation student.

    • If your sibling or cousin completed a degree, you ARE considered a first generation student.

2. If I do not have a social security number, what do I add on the application?

Undocumented students can enter “0000” in lieu of a SSN.

Our Team

Juan Sigala

College Access Manager

Yesenia Capellino

College Access Manager

Century & Valley

Hilary Taylor

College Access Manager

Jessenia Sanchez

College Access Coordinator

 Saddleback & Segerstrom

Martha Rangel

College Access Coordinator

Garden Grove & Rancho Alamitos

Fayelah Johnson

College Access Coordinator

 Magnolia & Western

Ann Sheehy

College Access Coordinator

El Camino & Oceanside

Zuzanna Lever

College Access Coordinator

Mission Hills & San Marcos

Liz Trenholm

College Access Coordinator

El Modena & Villa Park

Jennie Godoy-Lee

College Access Coordinator

Costa Mesa & Estancia

Stacy Espana

College Access Coordinator

Samueli & Los Amigos

Karli Santos

College Access Coordinator

Anaheim & Savanna

High School Partners

Please see the chart below to see who your school contact is and the best way to get in touch with them!
High School
Contact Name
Email Address
Anaheim High School
Amie Cuellar
Century High School
Marta Sanchez
Costa Mesa High School
Janice Duzey
El Camino High School
Kelley Brinkerhoff
El Modena High School
Paige Acuna
Estancia High School
Mindy Savage
Garden Grove High School
Joy Pham
Los Amigos High School
Yvette Flores
Magnolia High School
Lulu Suarez
Mission Hills High School
Kathleen Goldstein
Oceanside High School
Lou Fosnot
Orange Glen High School
Ryan Chesire
Rancho Alamitos High School
Rachel Guzman
Saddleback High School
Edith Cruz
Samueli High School
Wasana Ekanayake
San Marcos High School
Kathy Hale
San Pasqual High School
Tessa Leon
Savanna High School
Abril Le
Segerstrom High School
Adriana Huezo Ayala
Valley High School
April Gibbs
Villa Park High School
Doreen Valentin
Western High School
Cory Kretz

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