The distinguishing feature of the Simon Scholars Program is the continued focus on leadership development and college access through meaningful experiences. 

The Simon Scholars Program is built on our strong belief that financial and academic assistance must be supplemented with training in important life skills in order to equip our young Scholars for long-term success.

Leadership Development & College Access

By offering leadership development and our intensive college access program, our Scholars (98% first-generation college students) are prepared to graduate from college, achieve personal and professional success, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

These pillars guide our Program from the selection process onward, to the college years and beyond.

Scholars are selected at the end of their sophomore year in high school. They must demonstrate not only the ability to perform well academically, but also strong character and the willingness to experience personal and leadership growth.

High Standards

Provided with an exceptional investment of time, funds, and mentoring, our Scholars are held to a high standard and are expected to rise to the occasion of being named a Simon Scholar.

The Foundation requires its Scholars to exhibit solid academic performance, high moral standards and conduct, and meaningful community service, while serving as role models for their peers and other youth.

Simon Scholars for Life

Upon entering the Simon Scholars Program, students become part of a supportive extended family. Following our “Simon Scholars for Life” philosophy, our Alumni remain involved in the program long after they graduate college, serving as volunteers, chaperones, and mentors.

We believe that our high-touch Program greatly enhances the abilities of our Scholars to succeed in college and beyond.