We welcome you to the Simon Scholars Program!
To finalize your New Scholar process, please complete these 6 steps.

Step 1: Set Up SSP Email

Step 2: Complete New Scholar Forms

Step 3: Register for New Scholar Orientation

Step 4: Mark your Calendars for Summer

Step 5: Meet the College Access Team

Step 6: Get Excited for Leadership Symposium!

Step 1: Set up your Simon Scholar Program (SSP) Email

Please check your personal email for detailed instructions on how to set up your SSP email. You can find your individual log in credentials in that email.

All communication moving forward will come through your SSP email, so be sure to log in and check it regularly.

Step 2: Complete New Scholar Forms via DocuSign

New Scholar forms are due June 6th by 5pm

Forms will be sent to your SSP email via DocuSign by 5/31/2022.



Q: Where can I find my New Scholar forms from Docusign?

A: Check your SSP email for an email from Docusign. In that email you can read instructions on how to complete the forms. If you did not recieve an email from Docusign please email recruitment@simonscholars.org

Q: Who is the primary person registered for medical insurance?

A: This person could be your parent, legal guardian, and in some cases it could be you. Please provide the registered person’s legal name along with their phone number.

Q: Are you covered under Medi- Cal insurance?

A: If yes, please specifically write “Medi-Cal” not “Medical.”

Step 3: Register for New Scholar Orientation (NSO)

Registration Instructions

We will be hosting an English/Vietnamese and a Spanish session. Attendance is required to only one. Please register for the one that works best for you and your trusted adult(s).

English/Vietnamese Session
June 14th @ 6:30 PM

Register Here

Spanish Session
June 15th @ 6:30 PM

Register Here

Step 4: Mark your Calendars

for Summer 2022


Check out what we have planned for you this Summer. More details will come to your SSP email. In the meantime, add these to your Google Calendar.

Link to add Events to your Google Calendar


Simon Scholars is a highly participatory program and we expect not only full engagement but full communication in the case that you are unable to attend our activities. If there is a scheduling conflict for a major event, Scholars are asked to formally request to be absent. This request is then reviewed and a decision is communicated to you.

Step 5: Meet your College

Access Team

As part of welcoming you to the Simon Scholars Family we would like to introduce you to your Team. Our staff has prepared short introduction videos for you to get to know us- click through each!

Erika Enz

Director of College Access

Juan Sigala

OC College Access Manager

Yesenia Capellino

OC College Access Manager

Hilary Taylor

SD College Access Manager

Jennie Godoy-Lee

OC College Access Coordinator

Stacey España

OC College Access Coordinator

Liz Trenholm

OC College Access Coordinator

Karli Santos

OC College Access Coordinator

Kailey Coronado

SD College Access Coordinator

Frankie Cisneros

OC College Access Coordinator

Monica Alvarez

OC College Access Coordinator

Nathalie Acevedo

OC College Access Coordinator

Step 6: RSVP for Leadership Symposium


We’re looking forward to hosting our biggest event for the first time again!

As a reminder, this will be an overnight event at UCI filled with leadership workshops, speakers and activities!

Check out our last Leadership Symposium:
View Pictures
Event Dates: June 28-26

Thank you for completing all the steps in your new scholar process.

Welcome to the Simon Scholars Family.

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